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I am blogging!

I am blogging!

I'm old enough to remember when answering machines were new technology. I wasn't the first to get one, but I eventually gave in. Then mobile phones came along. This time I resisted a little harder, but again the lure was too strong. So it is with the blog. I told myself I was too busy, that I might have nothing interesting to say, that without an editor I might inadvertently offend someone with my observations. But then the blogging bug hit and with a few reckless clicks of the mouse I had set up my account. Now it's time to take responsibility for my actions. In my blog I'll be writing about the people I meet in Paris and Provence, and sometimes in Italy, England or Finland, who share my love of food. It's their passion that inspires me to drag myself out of bed at 7am on a Saturday to snap up the best produce at the Cours Saleya market in Nice or to zig-zag across Paris on the Métro during rush hour seeking out the finest pâtisseries, chocolates or charcuterie. Something I love about the French is the way they share this passion so generously: they are always happy to talk about what they do and, if they like you, they will even reveal their secrets. I'd like to do the same with you.

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Mel Walden
Jun 4, 2010 4:34pm [ 1 ]

We are looking for English-speaking French people in Paris who enjoy dining out to take part in our new show fronted by Michel Roux Junior. He is bringing 7 trainees over from London to see how they cope with the formal dining service at 2 Michelin starred Lasserre (Ave Franklin Roosevelt) on Tues 15 June at 13:00. Diners must be prepared to pay a very reasonable 40 Euros per head for a set 3 course lunch (excl drinks) and to give us their opinions on the very traditional service. If interested please e-mail Mel at mel.walden@ricochet.co.uk

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Total relaxation

"Dear Rosa,

I just had to write and let you know how much my friends and I enjoyed the Edible Paris tour.  You were very generous with your suggestions and we made it to almost all of them over the 2 days.  As you suggested, we found Bread and Roses, just down from our hotel, and ate breakfast there both mornings.  The first morning, they were putting out lunch as we were leaving and it looked so delicious that we went back late that afternoon and picked up a smorgasbord of what was left and look it back to the Villa Madame.  Franck brought us wine to the terrace, as well as plates, silverware, and napkins, and we had a leisurely dinner.  It was total relaxation which was perfect since we were really tired from walking all day.  Edible Paris was the highlight of our time in Paris.  Thanks so much."

Chris Jones, USA

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