Edible Paris: Discover the restaurants, markets, bistros, cafés and luxury food shops of Paris

Personalized gourmet food tours of the best restaurants and specialty food shops in Paris, France, all crafted by food writer and critic Rosa Jackson

Your food guru in Paris


Your Paris food guru

Everyone should have a friend who knows the ins and outs of shopping for food in Paris, keeps a private list of secret neighborhood bistros and can let you in on mysterious French traditions such as why Parisians never buy croissants in the afternoon. Now you can too, thanks to my small team of Edible Paris food gurus. These English-speaking restaurant critics, food writers and professional cooks spend their spare time sniffing out the very best food shops and restaurants, in the knowledge that nothing can ever be taken for granted.

The food gurus

Each one of these experts has lived in Paris for 15 years or more. Because all our food gurus have many projects on the go at any given time, it’s always advisable to book early.

Stephen Mudge

Stephen Mudge

A restaurant critic, correspondent for Opera News, former opera singer and occasional sheep farmer who runs his own bed and breakfast in Devon during the summer, Stephen is one of the most entertaining people I know. Stephen has been leading tours for Edible Paris for the past several years and everyone has appreciated his theatrical approach and easy wit. If you’re a fan of opera or simply a bit of a hedonist when it comes to food, you’re sure to enjoy having Stephen as your guru. Try to book well ahead, as his many pursuits often take him out of town.

Claude Cabri

Claude Cabri

I first met Claude, otherwise known as “Miss Lunch,” when I attended one of her clandestine lunches in her artist’s loft near the place d’Aligre market. A multi-faceted artist, cook and food stylist whose paintings are all about food, she can claim roots in Belgium, English speaking Canada, South Africa, Egypt and the island of Pantelleria between Sicily and Tunisia. She can whip up baklava, squid-ink pasta or French baguette in the blink of an eye and knows all her market vendors by name. If you love art or want to learn more about the fascinating blend of cultures in eastern Paris, Claude is the guru for you. 

Rosa Jackson

Rosa Jackson

The founder of Edible Paris, I am probably the hardest of the gurus to pin down since I divide my time between Paris and the south of France. Having designed hundreds of written itineraries, edited six Paris restaurant guides, led countless food tours and written for many magazines and guidebooks, I am something of a human database when it comes to Paris restaurants and food shops. I’ve eaten in just about all the best restaurants as part of my job but, when it comes down to it, there is nothing I enjoy more than a good bistro meal in a cheerful setting. I should also confess that I have an incorrigible sweet tooth and consider it my duty to re-test the best pastry shops and chocolatiers at least once a month. If you can’t see the point of doing anything other than eating while you’re in Paris, I’m probably the right guru.

Edible Paris private food tours

During this three-hour guided food tour for up to six people, we'll take you behind the scenes at some of our favorite Paris food shops and guide you through the best local markets. Like the itineraries, the guided food tours are personalized according to your preferences. Depending on your tastes, a tour might include:

- A visit to a world-renowned boulangerie where you might meet the baker and learn about the French art of breadbaking;

- A glimpse at the life of a dedicated chocolatier who trained with the very best before opening his own boutique;

- A tour of a cheese cellar beneath one of the city's true fromageries (shops that age cheeses on the premises before selling them in peak condition);

- A sampling of Provençal olive oils.

During the tour you can also take advantage of our expertise as a longtime Paris food experts to ask for recommendations. If you would like to have lunch or dinner together, the price of the meal will be added on to the cost of the tour.

Private tour for 1-2 people: 300 euros
3 people: 350 euros
4 people: 400 euros
5 people: 450 euros
6 people: 500 euros

For a full price list of food guru services, please contact us.


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